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We use only the best organic ingredients in our sauces, real tomatoes, apples and onions, real eggs, real mustard, real vinegar, real herbs and spices. There is nothing tinned or bottled or preserved and there are no flavourings. Then we cook them properly, we don’t mash them or blend them and we never will. That’s what makes them so good.

Sure, we win awards and prizes for our Ketchups, Mayonnaise and Mustard but that doesn’t tell you too much about how they taste. The truth is that they taste like the real thing because that’s exactly what they are.

Curtice Brothers Organic Ketchup

Organic Ketchup

The classic all-rounder - our award-winning favorite for good taste that doesn't come from the bag of tricks.

Curtice Brothers Curry Ketchup

Curry Ketchup

The tomato ketchup forms the perfect basis for this trip to Indian realms. The spices give it a hearty, spicy aroma that suits it perfectly and gives it depth of relish.

Sugarfree Ketchup

No Sugar Added Ketchup

The sweetness of the ketchup unfolds through the juicy tomatoes, the aromatic apples and the addition of erythritol, a naturally occurring carbohydrate that we use for replacing regular sugar.

Curtice Brothers No Sugar Chili Ketchup

No Sugar Added Chili Ketchup

Fresh tomatoes, the award-winning Bhut Jolokia chilies, spices and the addition of erythritol, is what makes the Curtice Brothers No Sugar Added Chili Ketchup a delicious and addictive one.

Curtice Brothers Dijon Mustard

Dijon Mustard

The full aroma is created by perfect seed mixture and perfect timing in preparation and maturing.

Curtice Brothers Sweet Chili Ketchup

Sweet Chili Ketchup

The magic number seven also gives the Sweet 7 Chili Sauce its magic: seven different types of chilli together result in a mild but complex spiciness.

Curtice Brothers Mayonnaise


Legendary with a creamy consistency that is also light and refreshing.

*Not Vegan

Curtice Brothers Chili Ketchup

Chili Ketchup

The Chili Ketchup is a spirited companion that will not be forgotten so quickly. It owes its characteristic hotness to Bhut Jolokia, a record holder Indian chilli variety.

Curtice Brothers Steak Sauce

Steak Sauce

Not only it is cooked with our signature Mayonnaise and Dijon Mustard, it has 2 premium ingredients – black pepper and black garlic.

*Not Vegan

Smokey BBQ

A deliciously thick smokey BBQ sauce with a hint of sweet and spicy that brings each grill cookout to the next level.

Piccolino Ketchup

Individual portion of our signature Organic Ketchup. Size doesn't matter. Taste does.

Piccolino Mayonnaise

Single serving of an amazing Organic Mayonnaise. Warning: May get addictive.

Piccolino Dijon Mustard

Small in size, mighty in taste.

Original Ketchup

Both fruity and delicious, our Original Ketchup has been cooked the traditional way from fresh, aromatic tomatoes and apples - without unnecessary additives or E numbers.

New York Real'O'nnaise

Creamy and luxurious like mayonnaise, but even fresher and with only half as much fat.

Pitmaster Barbeque

The spicy dream of every barbecue master. Fruity tomatoes meet tangy smoke flavours - but unlike ordinary barbeque sauces, our version doesn’t contain excessive sugar.

Golden Curry

Fruity-sweet with spice and provides a rich taste with unadulterated ingredients.

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Ketchup on a sandwich

We Stand By

Our Values

At Curtice Brothers, we are committed to the simple joys of taking time and taking care. We start with the best natural ingredients, and we cook them well. That recipe may not be complicated, but we believe it’s how the best things in life have always been made and it’s the only way we know. 

We know that a good sauce makes a great meal, and a great meal may be the best way to bring a little joy to your life. That’s what it’s all about and that’s why we will always do it this way.

Real sauce. Real joy.

Tomatoes and Onions and Ketchup Bottle


Where did we come from?

Edgar and Simeon Curtice started making ketchup in Rochester, New York in 1868 and the ketchup they made was quite excellent ketchup and was said to have the richest flavour.

Inspired by the original Curtice Brothers’ passion for food we decided to create a great ketchup and the authentic taste of great new sauces.

With a joy for cooking and a lot of time and care, we found our way to authentic and real sauces that we think would make Edgar and Simeon proud.

Pepper and Onion

We stand by


We use only real, natural ingredients in all our sauces. Real is important to us, because it’s who we are and it’s how we make our sauces taste so good, but we couldn’t do anything without great-tasting, natural ingredients. So we take a lot of care to do as much as we can to protect the climate and play our part in ensuring that natural is forever.

Mario Bauer

Sustainable sources for sustainable sauces

We’re always focused on reducing our CO2 footprint so we keep our suppliers regional and close and our transport routes as short as possible. We try  never to use plastic in transportation, and in our production facilities we use the most efficient and renewable suppliers for the hot water, electricity, heating and wastewater treatment that we need.

Ketchup on Stand

Bees means ketchup

There are no tomatoes and there is no ketchup without bees. Inspired by some of our partner farmers who are passionate beekeepers, we have started to work with the Slow Food Youth Academy and have invested in a bee sponsorship and in the “Ketchup for Bees” project.  That means from Autumn 2022, we will start supporting the cultivation of flower meadows, helping to provide food for pollinating insects and promoting biodiversity. And making some lovely honey, too.

Curtice Brothers Team


The Team

We are a diverse and international group of industry professionals bound by a passion for food and for our Curtice Brothers sauces.

Pepper and Onion
Jaqueline - Curtice Brothers Team



Coco Channel once said: "I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not." The same is for me, “I only cook on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not." Cooking fulfils my soul, brings joy, and spice life!

Michal - Curtice Brothers Team


Head of Finances

The most valuable for me is time with my family. I must admit that food at family meetings is one of the key points and let us celebrate together. I love to escape into nature in my spare time, where I can easily charge my batteries.


Head of Operations

"Here are 5 things about me:

I'm Italian, need I say more? As such, I believe food to be the best way to create new memories and cherish moments with the people I love. 

I never say no to a good glass of wine.

I have a past as a ballerina when I was a kid, but life chose a different path for me. I have to admit that sometimes I miss those good old days."

Simon - Curtice Brothers Team


Head of Quality Management

With new products in my hand, I can't wait to turn the packaging, study the ingredient list, and then think about how the product was made.

My saying of the day: „If you expect consistent quality, you should make taste measurable“ - and that's what I'm here for.


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